Metal work and installation

AS J.I.T. metal workshop offers the following services:

  • Metal construction welding from black and stainless steel, also from aluminium, using MIG/MAG, TIG, and shielded metal arc welding. If required, black metal parts can undergo galvanic processing in Estonia or Latvia.
  • Stainless steel piping welding in a completely protective gas environment for pipes with internal diameter up to 330mm. Special gas and specialised equipment ensure high-quality thorough welding and corrosion protection even inside the pipe.
  • Mechanical and/or chemical cleaning of stainless elements and steel welding seams.
  • Soldering of non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper) using special solders.
  • Sawing of metal, plastic, and other materials with a maximum diameter up to 315mm using a band-saw.
  • Manual plasma cutting of metals with thickness of up to 38mm.
  • Guillotine shearing of sheet metal with a maximum cut length of 3m and thickness of 10mm.
  • Sheet metal rolling. Width of rolled part up to 2m.
  • Sheet metal bending. Maximum edging 3.1m and pinch force 125t.
  • Metal drilling and minor turning work.
  • PE/PP plastic pipe joint welding, piping assembly on site. The maximum outer diameter of the pipe to be welded is 315mm. Print-out of the welding for supervision if required.
  • Installation of PVC piping with adhesive and joint couplers (excl. excavation works).
  • Transport and lifting services with a beam lift and a tail lift truck. Maximum load bearing capacity is 8.6t and box area 18.4m². Maximum lifting weight from the side of the truck is 3.5t.

We offer high-quality and experienced installation for all our products or to all equipment purchased from us.

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