Equipment for aeratsion
Bioreactors Celpox

Celpox  is a new generation equipments for aerobic biological process of industrial and municipal waste waters treatment plants.
Due to high energy density and strong turbulence in the reactor tube a very small air bubbles and small sludge flocs are created. Excellent mixture of waste water, air bubbles and biomass created inside the reactor tube.
Construction and working principle of bioreactors provides high oxygen transfer efficiency and sludge mixing capability with low energy consumption year by year without deterioration.


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Celpox  bioreactors are designed for installation in new or old aeration tanks regardless of their depth and space..

Celpox  design makes it easily to control the bioreactor yet pump by oxygen level in basin. This implies that Celpox work is adapted to the instant load in the aeration basin and that no energy is wasted.

The Celpox  maintenance costs are extremely low. The parts that needs maintenance are all located above the water level. No need for emptying the basin and interrupting the process.
Celpox  are manufactured in a number of sizes to cover all conceivable demands
Celpox  can be specially equipped for advanced applications .
Celpox  can be equipped with a heat exchaner for simple but effective heat extraction from the sewage

Celpox  can be equipped with a dosage equipment for simultaneous precipitation in the aeration tank

Celpox  can operate with any gas to be dissolved in the waste water.

Celpox  can be equipped with pontoons for floating installations

Celpox  are custom –made for every installation with regard to special demands

Celpox  is a system that covers a wide performance and function area

Celpox  is the most versatile and flexible system available for installation in any type of sewage treatment plant

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