Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR; CWSBR) waste water treatment technologies and equipment
Company: G.A.A. Ges für Abwasser-und Abfalltechnik mbH (Germany)

Long-term experience and more than 100 references across the world in constructing and equipping SBR treatment plants

Constant Water Sequence Batch Reactor (CWSBR) is an innovative technological solution that can be used both in reconstructing existing treatment plants and aerated basins, and in constructing new treatment plants.

Decanter devices for SBR treatment plants

We offer complete solutions, compose and obtain equipment for establishing SBR- or CWSBR-type waste water treatment plants.


Lineardekanter® in SBR reactor at Paide waste water treatment plant



Lineardekanter® in SBR reactor at Kohila waste water treatment plant

Sequence Batch Reactor treatment plant – SBR technology

Although SBR technology was known already in the early 20th century, programme guiding was what eventually made it a serious competitor of treatment plants with constant flow.

G.A.A. has been designing and constructing waste water treatment systems based on SBR technology for 20 years.

image011              955 Kambja SBR

Reference in Estonia: Kohila waste water treatment plant

Reference in Estonia: Kambja waste water treatment plant

Constant Water Sequence Batch Reactor treatment plant – CWSBR technology

Relying on its long-term experience, G.A.A. developed the so-called Constant Water Sequence Batch Reactor treatment technology (CWSBR technology) which does not require the installation of a collection tank. The water level in the tank does not change so the construction capacity of the installing process is reduced.

The CWSBR treatment plant meets the latest German and European requirements for waste water treatment standards (ATV standards) and is cleared for use across the world.

The CWSBR treatment plant is the first choice if a new waste water treatment plant has to be built or an existing aerated basin must be reconstructed at low costs, at the same time providing the treatment efficiency of a large SBR treatment plant. Ten years of experience have proved that this affordable solution satisfies all the requirements set for a modern waste water treatment plant. The CWSBR treatment plants installed all across the world, with work volumes between 800 and 210,000 ie, have proved to be a perfect solution for municipal waste water treatment both in urban environments and in rural areas. These systems have been reliable and functional, and have managed to clean waste water of all foreign objects as required.