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AS J.I.T. has been operating since 1994.                                                                  

The company’s main competence is waste water treatment equipment and technologies. Our experience in this field goes all the way back to 1986. We offer complete solutions for municipal and industrial waste water treatment, installing new treatment plants and reconstructing old ones.

AS J.I.T. and AS Sektoron merged on 08.04.2015.
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Since the merger we have added the field of general construction into our portfolio.

Our company’s quality and environmental policies are the following:

  • We perform our clients’ requests which are reasonable, contractual, and legal.
  • We follow all relevant environmental requirements, take care of the environment, and improve it with the products we offer.
  • We are innovative and constantly enhance our activities.
  • We ensure our clients with complete satisfaction.

The management system guide of J.I.T. AS is available for review at our office at Iva tee 9, Mäeltküla village, Viljandi rural municipality, Viljandi County.

Products and services

Metal products, metal processing, manufacturing and installing of metal constructions

Reconstructing and installing of waste water treatment plants

Sales, installing, maintenance, and repairs of technical equipment for waste water treatment plants

Technological project solutions for waste water treatment plants, design and consultation

In conclusion, we offer:

  • Technological solutions for installing and reconstructing municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.
  • Set-up equipment (pumping stations, pre- and post-screening equipment, waste water sediment treatment equipment) for sludge treatment plants, installation and adjustment of such equipment.
  • Other work related to reconstruction of waste water treatment plants: manufacture and installation of metal constructions, electrical and automation work.
  • Post- procurement client support: equipment maintenance, spare part supply, and repairs.
  • Consultation: adjustment of waste water treatment plants, amendment of treatment technology, training of waste water treatment plant personnel, sample collection for chemical analyses.
  • We supply:
    • Equipment for mechanical pre-screening of waste water;
    • Aeration equipment for sludge treatment plants;
    • Decanter centrifuges for dehydrating the waste water sediment;
    • Equipment for windrow composting of waste water sediment.
  • Manufacture of metal constructions from carbon and stainless steel.


  • EH 10208983-0001 Construction contracting
  • EK 10208983-0001 Examination of Construction Projects and Buildings
  • EP 10208983-0001 Planning

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